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Quick guide to Navigating The Healthcare System (For Caregivers and Patient) Amazon Best Seller

Is a guidebook with information that will help caregivers and patients, adult age and older, navigate through the healthcare system. This book will have information on Medicare and Medicaid, as well as how to access the services that are provided within these services. The book will also provide information on common diagnosis and what they mean in layman’s terms. The book will be a comprehensive help book for those who do not have a lot of knowledge about the healthcare system and need assistance. 


Kenshara Cravens born and raised in La Marque, Texas, is a social worker who works at a Managed Care Organization  as a service coordinator. With Six years of experience, Kenshara has worked in nursing homes, hospice, home health, and hospitals. Kenshara is also an adjunct professor with the University of Texas at Arlington since 2017. Kenshara takes an interest in working with those who are in need.

Kenshara has been able to become an expert when it comes to senior care, and their needs from her years working as a social worker. After working in the field for five years, kenshara keep seeing the same issue with the patient, which was lack of knowledge. So kenshara decided that she needed to spread the knowledge and write a book.

Kenshara is currently is working on her PhD in social work at Walden University with a specialization in medical social work. Kenshara currently holds a Master’s and Bachelor’s degree in social work that was obtained at Stephen F Austin State University. Kenshara also holds her LCDC (CI) certification and is a notary public. Kenshara specializes in discharge planning, Medicaid, Medicare, minority issues, adjustment issues, and substance use disorders.

“Nothing worth having comes easy.” -Theodore Roosevelt


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April 16th 2021

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