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The Medical Social Worker

The Medical Social Worker Mentor Program, founded by the esteemed Dr. Kenshara Cravens, is a beacon of hope for those aspiring to excel in the field of social work. With a deep commitment to promoting excellence in service delivery and the professional growth of aspiring social workers, this program offers an invaluable opportunity to be part of a transformative mentor-mentee relationship.

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Why Choose the Medical Social Worker Mentor Program?

Personalized Guidance

Dr. Cravens is an expert in the field of social work, and she is dedicated to providing personalized guidance that aligns with your professional goals.

Enhanced Competency

As a mentee in the mentor program, you’ll gain the knowledge, skills, and competencies necessary to excel in social work, allowing you to make a significant impact on the lives of your clients.

Confidence Building

Dr. Cravens understands that confidence is key in this profession. She will empower you to tackle the challenges of the social work field with confidence and self-assurance.

Ethical Foundation

Ethical dilemmas are a part of the journey to becoming a social worker, and Dr. Cravens will guide you in navigating them while instilling a strong commitment to ethical conduct and professional integrity.

Career Advancement

The Medical Social Worker Mentor Program is not just about immediate growth; it’s also about building a long-term, fulfilling career. Dr. Cravens provides insight into career planning and advancement.

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The Medical Social Worker