Quick Guide To Navigating the Healthcare System



Quick Guide to Navigating the Healthcare System is a self-help, educational piece of literature that will help caregivers and patients understand the healthcare system. This guide will cover Medicare, Medicaid, and mental health services. While this book can be used for any age group, it will especially help the senior citizen population or adults currently on disability that receives Medicaid services.


This book informs and educates readers by breaking down sometimes complicated medical terminology and simplifying it for a better experience for us all. This book has been strategically worded so that it can be understood by all.  With six years of being a medical social worker experience to draw from, this guide was created to see so many of my patients struggle to understand their diagnosis, prescriptions, care management strategy, not to mention, managing the discharge process.  This book too was written with them in mind.

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Quick Guide To Navigating the Healthcare System
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